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Wago Connectors
Wago Connectors

WAGO Installation connectors – from the classic WAGO PUSH WIRE® connectors for junction boxes and lighting connectors up to the compact connectors for all conductor types :

Installation connectors243-504 IP224_201


Totally Reliable

  • The Wago Spring type connectors are completely unlike screw terminals. They are not susceptible to loosening due to temperature cycling, vibration or conductor settling over time. The materials used in the Wago terminal blocks are inherently corrosion resistant and exert a specific pressure onto the conductors that prevents damage to the conductors but still gives a gas tight termination every time.


WAGO products for building services applications combine optimum performance and dependability with speed of nstallation.
Wago offers a rapidly expanding range of wiring and intelligent control solutions for all types of commercial, retail, municipal and industrial applications. Whether it’s a simple series of connections or a complex integrated building wide network, WAGO products ensure installation and performance benefits unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.

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