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TEEfamily® connector
TEEfamily® connector

Total protection: usable under water (IP68)

Temperature rating of –20° to +125°
Dual terminal versions available for easy fitting and looping of conductors (2,3,4,5,6,2+2 and 3+3 poles)
Innovative new solutions for electrical connections with high performance
Application :
External lighting
Internal lighting
Household appliances
Street installations
Industrial Machinery
Made in Italy

high quality connectors

• Total protection: usable under water (IP68)
• Functional in a wide temperature range (up to T125°C)
• Certified up to 32A 450V

 installation and maintenance
Time savings installation
• Intuitive and functional wiring
• Designed for easy connect/disconnect operations with self-locking systems
• Fast-wiring piercing clip terminal blocks

techno press.

installation errors
Innovative features for customer benefit
• Co-moulding of plastics and rubbers
• Double gaskets for stronger protection from atmospheric agents

space saving
Compact design
• Optimized dimensions with circular design
• Miniaturization
• More poles in less space



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