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Icotek Prodocts
Icotek Prodocts

icoteckCable Entry Solutions!
No more cutting cables thanks to Icotek’s split frame, split grommet and pass through membrane products. Icotek’s Cable Management Products have a solution for all your molded or prewired cables and pipes. Simple and inexpensive solution for routing servo cables, computer cables, D-Sub connections, valve connectors and because you don’t have to cut cables you don’t have to worry about voiding cable warranties!
• IP 54, IP 65, and IP 66 Solutions
• Wide Cable Clamping Ranges accomodate cable diameters from 1 – 65mm including many special types
• Multi Range Grommets/Inserts available
• Silicon and Halogen free Grommets/Inserts available
• High Chemical Resistance Grommets/Inserts available
• Industry standard knock out for frames (same dimension as popular multi-pole connectors Harting, Wieland, Ilme)
• Unique push through membrane in KEL-DP line takes guess work out of cable diameters

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