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DIN Rail Terminal blocks and Accessories
DIN Rail Terminal blocks and Accessories

Wago Topjob DIN Rail Mounted Terminals, Devices and Accessories.
Fast, simple and safe connections every time. From 0.14mm² to 16.0mm² cable the Topjob-s 2000-2016 Series can connect them all.

Product Description:

Tobjob-S rail mounted terminals feature direct insertion of solid core cables without the need for use of an insertion tool. Simply push the stripped solid conductor into the terminal entry point to make the connection. To remove the cable simply insert the operating tool to open the clamp. This method can also be used to insert fine stranded flex or small cables that aren’t stiff enough to allow direct insertion.
TOPJOB®S from WAGO is available in 2, 3 and 4 conductor versions for conductor sizes ranging from 0.14mm2 to 25mm2 and rating from 13.5A, 800V to 90A, 800V. The CAGE CLAMP®S connection technique allows stripped solid and ferruled conductors to be pushed directly in. With their space saving design, these terminal blocks are up to 30% smaller than standard terminal blocks and with a conductor entry angle of less than 15° which allows easier installation in smaller spaces. Many colour options available – grey, blue, orange, green / yellow, red, black & yellow. Also available function options such as fuse, diode and disconnect terminals.

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